Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I'm in love with Nikki-Nikki Giovanni poetry

Cotton Candy on a Rainy Day
Nikki Giovanni

Don't look now
I'm fading away
Into the gray of my mornings
Or the blues of every night
Is it that my nails
keep breaking
Or maybe the corn
on my second little piggy
Things keep popping out
on my face
of my life
It seems no matter how
I try I become more difficult
to hold
I am not an easy woman
to want
They have asked
the psychiatrists . . . psychologists . . . politicians and social workers
What this decade will be
known for
There is no doubt . . . it is loneliness

I'm Not Lonely
Nikki Giovanni

i'm not lonely
sleeping all alone

you think i'm scared
but i'm a big girl
i don't cry
or anything

i have a great
big bed
to roll around
in and lots of space
and idon't dream
bad dreams
like i used
to have that you
were leaving me

now that you're gone
i don't dream
and no matter
what you think
i'm not lonely
all alone

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cool poems i'm doing her 4 a project
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